I want to stay in the loop on all of the income opportunities developing because of this massive buyer list! Keep me informed!

  • What if you had a ravenous list of over 762,000 buyers that you could contact anytime you'd like? Would you like to see the list growing in real-time? Click here.
  • Better yet, what if you had over 90% of them opening virtually every imaginable offer with unheard of response rates?
  • Better yet, what if that list was growing by up to 12,000 new members EVERY DAY?

This is what's happening to us RIGHT NOW

- but we need your help!

How to tap into our 770,000 buyer list

with your products:

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Some Examples of Successful Video Promos

Gaming Headset

Bluetooth Speaker

NFL Jacket

Hat Set

Teething Toy

Market Set

See several live examples on Facebook now using

Videos Submitted During This First Round

Will Start Going Live on or about January 15, 2020

Sorry, but we are limited to only 500 videos for this roll out special offer.

After the roll out we will need 1,000s of promotional videos.

Check Out These Screen Shots From Our Website and Sales Dashboard

A recent 12 day analytics snapshot from our deals website

Examples of products that we recently sold 1000s of units of very quickly

Sales Dashboard Showing Orders Are Pouring In

Some questions you likely have:

Q. How are we achieving 90% or better open rates on our offers?
A. Quite simply, this is the power of Facebook Messenger. Each opt-in prospect on our list is easily worth 10 or even 20 email opt-ins simply because of the wildly predictable open rates! 
Stated differently, our rapidly expanding messenger/sms list which you can see growing live right here is the equivalent of having an EMAIL list of 6-12MILLION people that's growing by up to 100K or more EVERY DAY! That's a really big buyer list that's growing really fast! We need offers to send them!

Quite possibly the most sizable and responsive buyer list in the history of online marketing!

Q. Does my product have to be on Amazon to qualify for this opportunity?
A. Yes. Initially we are focusing only on Amazon listed products that can be promoted with a group promotion code. In the future, we will consider all sorts of inventory opportunities.

Q. Why are we opening this up to our community?
A. We need more offers! It's not easy finding a constant stream of great offers!

Q. What's an example of a great offer?
A. See the video examples above. ANY product that is selling on Amazon is a good fit (even if it's a low quantity offer of just a few units, or even RA, wholesale, a creative bundle etc - and even if you ARE NOT THE ONLY SELLER, we can BLOW OUT YOUR INVENTORY and sell it fast with this list!)

Imagine the effect on your product rank if you send a few thousand ravenous shoppers to your offer?

Q. What's it going to cost to get an offer in front of part of (or all of) this list?
A. For the first round roll out we are asking less than $50 per product. If you aren't thrilled with the results, then we haven't crafted a good price - satisfaction is guaranteed. We will gladly issue a refund if you aren't thrilled with your results.

Can I see an example of a promotion you've done besides physical products?
A. Here is an example:

We sent just 7,000 random names on this buyer list an offer for an app and 700 of them snagged the app it in the first minute!

The only common element of each successful promotion so far has been a discount (or even perception of a discount) and this buyer list goes NUTS! As a reminder, however, we are focusing only on Amazon listed products that can be promoted with a group promotion code.

Q. Can I get more information on how I can get my offers in front of this list or even partner up as part owner of this list?
A. Here's a Facebook post where we discuss this incredible paradigm shifting concept.

If you have questions about this program feel free to ask them inside our Facebook post or email us at our support email below.

Q. How do I set up a promotion code for my products so I can participate in this offer?

A. We show  you how here:

Q. What other ways can I monetize this opportunity?

A. There are many opportunities represented by this proven promotion list system. First, you can have a video created as shown below. Next, you can become a video creator for our team. Next, you can promote products for other people by contacting them and letting them know about this opportunity. Next, you can send us more buyers who are tagged to you through an affiliate link. And, several other strategies that will be soon announced. Be sure to get on the notification list below as they become available.

Q. Can I see some samples of recent promotional videos?

A. Sure.

Q. Is this international?

A. Yes! Where you live is irrelevant, but keep in mind that most of our buyers are US based so best results for now will be with promotions.

Q. Can I purchase more than one of the $49 promotion videos for my products?

A. Yes. You may purchase as many as you like. Each purchase will be a separate order and you will need to fill out a production information form for each product/order.

What To Expect When You Purchase

  • You will be directed to the product information form to provide us with details our team will use for video creation (you will also receive an email with a link to the form)
  • Take your time deciding what product(s) to promote and fill out the product information form when you are ready! This is a long term project for us, so there's no big rush to submit your form.
  • Our team will contact you with any questions regarding your product and the video creation if necessary
  • Follow-up from our team with confirmation that your video is created and in the queue to publish to our list (* videos will start publishing on or about Jan. 15, 2020)


I want to stay in the loop on all of the income opportunities developing because of this massive buyer list! Keep me informed!

Ask questions via our support email.